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Specialty Workshops

Specialty Workshops

Calligraphy workshops

Calligraphy is a traditional art form that appeals to learners as it reveals an artistic dimension to the written script that fascinates and elevates the experience of language learning. Arabic Calligraphy is known for its artistic renditions of the letters, at times transposing images with letters, a play on multiple forms. There are various traditions of Arabic Script, the Morocco one is much less cursive than the Syrian or Iraqi one for instance, some say that the square and unpolished form of the Morocco-based calligraphy has to do with the conditions of its adaptation to the North African world. We propose calligraphy workshops both in Arabic and Tifinagh Scripts, the Tifinagh script has long been associated with tattoos and with tribal identification amongst the Amazigh communities. In addition to considering this activity as an art form, it is also the occasion of reflecting on the history of these fascinating scripts, the conditions in which they evolved, and how they continue to live, even thrive, nowadays. We use all traditional ink, fountain-like reeds on paper, and occasionally learning, wooden tablets as practiced in the traditional religious schools.

Cooking workshop

Our other workshop is the very popular cooking workshop.  With our 4 star cook, Ms. Hadda Bouzouggar and her assistant Ms. Atiqa Khollassi, you get initiated into the basics of Moroccan home cooking, how to make Moroccan tagines, what couscous is and the variety of grains, and then learn about spices, their virtues, what best combinations are used for which vegetable, grain or meat, and then also get a glimpse into regional variations on dishes.  This workshop complements the “We Break Bread” class and is also offered on demand. Our previous beneficiaries have always rated this workshop as a 4 star, it makes healthy eating so simple and so yummy.  You not only take away a new skill, but also a sample package of your basic spices, your small tagine and wooden utensil.  We look forward to tasting your cooking!!

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