Dar Si Hmad EFS

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  • App B4 Imm Hamria, Avenue Al Moukaouama Agadir 80020 - Morocco
  • Avenue Hassan 1er Sidi Ifni - Morocco
  • PO Box 20686 Agadir Principale Agadir 80000 Morocco

Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00

1012 Nostrand ave
Brooklyn NY, USA.

Prepare for your program

Register with Foundation Dar Si Hmad

  • Choose the program and dates
  • Fill forms and send all requested documentation

Prepare to work with Foundation Dar Si Hmad once accepted

  • Check your passport is still valid
  • If you are an international student in US, check if you need visa to enter Morocco
  • Check your health insurance, call them and inform them you are traveling
  • Inform your bank you are traveling
  • Make sure to fill on any prescription medication you take
  • Make sure to check the weather projections for specific clothing you may need
  • Verify against the “what to pack list” sent by Foundation Dar Si Hmad
  • Make sure to pack light, you can always buy additional items on site
  • Check on the official US Department of State on Travel Advisories
  • We propose you flash your phone to get a local sim card, in order not to pay exorbitant bills on international roaming
  • Inform family and friends about your exciting upcoming trip
  • Make sure to be acquainted with the emergency plans of the Foundation, phone numbers, Covid & all health and safety measures
  • Please follow our orientation and safety workshops (know how to inform parties about food allergies you have, about safe travel tips, about water consumption, and many other questions)

                                                …. and fully enjoy this experience ….

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