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Covid 19, Health & Safety Measures

The Changing nature of COVID-19, Risks and Mitigation


Updated December 2022

COVID-19 continues to impact the world as both the virus and our understanding of it continues to change. While the pandemic isn’t totally over, its  serious and emergency phase are. In Morocco, it is clear that the number of COVID-19 cases is no longer coupled with severely ill and hospitalized cases as it once was earlier in the pandemic.  The newest variants have taught us, however,  that complete virus elimination is not possible, and that basic mitigation measures do not seem to slow the virus from spreading. Foundation Dar Si Hmad is aware that our understanding of the virus and the ethics around the treatment keep on evolving.

Our general understanding is that the shift to this new phase of the pandemic is  attributed to:

Foundation Dar Si Hmad aligns its policies with this new phase of the pandemic, while also ensuring the health and safety of our participants and the communities where we work. Foundation Dar Si Hmad continues to uphold the approach of masking, testing, isolating, and quarantining in case of infection.  We also follow the health regulations put in place by the Moroccan authorities and by the WHO.   As should be done with any other illness, participants experiencing symptoms will be asked to use mitigation techniques to reduce the spread of the illness, such as testing, masking, social distancing and isolating away from fellow participants until symptoms subside but a mandate for healthy participants will not be enforced.   All the necessary measures are put in place to ensure the student in a quarantine condition receives all the needed physical and mental support.

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